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PostHeaderIcon USGO 2013 Player Interview – Adrian Chang (VIDEO)

imageThis final release from this year’s Player Interview series features Adrian Chang: a fellow GLTF’er and resident Canuck. I initially grabbed Adrian for a bag check but realized quickly that he would also be a great choice for a longer sit-down.

I wish could re-shoot this video. From my first to my final shoot, I got better at exploring my subjects, and more comfortable with letting the interviews go off the beaten path. Now that I’m privy to Adrian’s inner workings on Facebook, I see that there’s a lot to explore!

Alas, there are no “do-overs”; but I’m sure I’ll be able to coax him into a video update later this year. 😉

Until then, I hope you enjoy my chat with Adrian.

PostHeaderIcon USGO 2013 Bag Check – Adrian Chang (VIDEO)

USGO 2013 Bag Check - Adrian Chang

I know how much crap I carry in my bag, but it’s always interesting for me to see what other players view as the essential items for their bags.

I asked USGO participants what was in THEIR bags and got some interesting answers.
I hope you enjoy this video series.

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