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bbbbb USGO 2013 Player Interview – Adrian Chang (VIDEO) (6/18/2013) - This final release from this year’s Player Interview series features Adrian Chang: a fellow GLTF’er and resident Canuck. I initially grabbed Adrian for a bag check but realized quickly that he would also be a great choice for a longer sit-down. I wish could re-shoot this video. From my first to my final shoot, I […]
USGO 2013 Player Interview – Paolo De Angelis (VIDEO) (6/14/2013) - I have a few Italian friends (i.e. Italian from Italy) and have always loved their expressiveness. So when I heard that there were USGO participants from Italy, I did my best to grab one of them for my player interview series. Today’s player Interview features Paolo De Angelis from Rome.  Paolo made the decision to play in […]
USGO 2013 Player Interview – Jonathan South and Patrick Holzen (VIDEO) (6/10/2013) - Now that the king and queen of clay have been crowned in Paris, the tennis world turns its’ attention to the famed grass courts of London. London is also the home of Jonathan South and Patrick Holzen, tournament directors for the Tennis London International Championships, and the featured players in today’s USGO player interview video. […]
USGO 2013 Player Interview – Ember Harker (VIDEO) (6/3/2013) - With this year’s USGO boasting, perhaps, its’ first lone female tournament director*, it seemed only fitting to grab Ember Harker, the Gay and Lesbian Tennis Federation’s first female president, for a player interview. I remember when Ember first came on the scene.  In fact, she was on my winning WTT “Team Meerkats” at the 2007 […]
USGO 2013 Player Interview – Jarrett Zarate (VIDEO) (5/30/2013) - Jarrett Zarate, a USGO participant from San Diego CA, caught my eye early on at this year’s tournament. Sure he’s tall and good-looking, but that’s not what got my attention. Every time I saw him I couldn’t help but think, “Marinko Matosevic!” I didn’t find anyone who agreed with me (and Jarrett had never even […]
USGO 2013 Player Interview – Matt Henry (VIDEO) (5/29/2013) - While doing bag checks at this year’s USGO, it occurred to me that I might as well take this opportunity one step further and learn more about the participants in this year’s tournament by doing a more formal interview. Matt was the willing volunteer for my first bag check, and a fitting choice for my […]
A Chat With USGO 2013 World Team Tennis Coordinator, Gordon Crenshaw (VIDEO) (5/27/2013) - A unique aspect of the United States Gay Open (USGO) is the inclusion of a World Team Tennis event in lieu of mixed doubles (or no mixed play at all). Over the years, this WTT event has been a great way to integrate the men and women in a team format that’s designed specifically for […]
A Chat With USGO 2013 Co-Director, Craig Sabol (VIDEO) (5/27/2013) - During a rare lull in play on Sunday before the start of World Team Tennis, I managed to grab a quick chat with Craig Sabol; one of tournament director Michele Yin’s three trusted co-directors who’s been tasked with player registration and scheduling. Craig is one heckuva a low-key/friendly guy, and I had a great time […]