• Podcast #1 – Aussie Open – First Round Pt. 2, Day Two (AUDIO) (1/16/2012) - Welcome to my inaugural podcast. Running time is about 12 minutes, and it’s mostly a discussion of today’s Aussie Open schedule. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂 (BTW, if you don’t enjoy it, feel free to meet up and ramble with me about something more to your liking!) podcast audio opens in a new window […]
  • Podcast #2 – Aussie Open – Discussing The Round of 16 (AUDIO) (1/21/2012) - It’s a long one, but hey… if you got nothing better to do it’s a good listen. 😉 (podcast audio opens in a new window) SF Tennis Freak Podcast, #2 (21:01) I was pretty good on my predictions for the round of 16, and I think my thoughts on the quarters will be pretty decent […]
  • Podcast #3 – Aussie Open Thoughts On Amazing Quarterfinal Matches by Vika, Kim, Roger and Rafa (AUDIO) (1/24/2012) - I felt compelled to do a quick one after watching the end of Rafa’s match this morning. Man oh man, what a capper to a great day of quarterfinal matches!!! (podcast audio opens in a new window) SF Tennis Freak Podcast, #3 (21:01)
  • Podcast #4 – Aussie Open Semifinal Thoughts on Rafa’s Latest Victory Over Roger (AUDIO) (1/26/2012) - …and why I won’t be watching the women’s final shriek-fest on Friday! Podcast “at-a-glance” summary: Good luck to Maria in the final, but I won’t be watching this final. Though the Rafa/Roger match went according to plan, I admire Roger’s attempt to take a few risks. Both guys played well but were oddly tight at […]
  • Podcast #5 – String Talk with Marla Reid at City Racquet Shop (AUDIO) (2/3/2012) - I stopped by City Racquet Shop to pick up my freshly-strung racquet and got the idea to do a quick chat with Marla on the ABC’s of stringing racquets…while she was stringing a racquet. Took a short video too, but I’ll put that in a separate post.
  • Podcast #6 – SAP Open 2012 – Day 1 and Day 2 Highlights (AUDIO) (2/15/2012) - It’s been a fun time covering the SAP Open in San Jose. I’m not at the HP Pavillion 24/7, but I have been able to do and catch quite a lot of tennis so far. Here are some thoughts on the happenings of the first two days, including some match thoughts and seeing John McEnroe […]
  • Podcast #7 – SAP Open 2012 – Quarterfinal Recap With Matthew Laird (AUDIO) (2/18/2012) - Matthew (Twitter handle @MatchPointAce) and I have had conversations like this pretty much every day since we met at the SAP Open. Rather than take a chance with video again, we decided on doing an audio podcast for this edition. It’s a little on the long-ish side at 22 minutes. But this WAS quarterfinal day […]
  • Podcast #8 – SF Tennis Freak Updates, 04-08-2013 (VIDEO) (4/8/2013) - Hey all, it’s been a long time since my last podcast. And with all of the activity from this past weekend, it seemed like a good time to restart the podcast tradition with a video. I filmed it this afternoon at Alamo Square Park, very close to the “Painted Ladies”. There is one lone tennis […]