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PostHeaderIcon It’s Racquet Review Wednesday with the Volkl Organix V1 Mid Plus and Organix 8 (300)


I have a long history with Volkl racquets!

Back in the day, I used the Volkl Tour 10 V-Engine. In fact, I think it was my racquet of choice for almost 8 years. It was what some call “a player’s racquet”, and was supposed to help improve my game as my technique got better. Two surgeries later, I gave up on that idea in favor of one that would better suit the changing needs of my body and game.


Though I’m pretty happy with my current racquets, I wish I would have had been able to demo either of these Volkl Organix line racquets. I’m an extremely brand loyal kind of guy, and have always enjoyed the balanced feel of Volkl racquets. After demo’ing these two Volkl sticks, I’m certain that I would have stayed in the Volkl racquet family if I’d gotten to these first!

On the suggestion of the good folks at City Racquet Shop, I took the Organix V1 Mid Plus and Organix 8 (300) out for a hit, and was pleasantly surprised. I spent a fair bit of time with them hitting baseline shots, and also played a competitive doubles set with each. The racquets were strung at mid-range, and both had a grip size was 4 3/8. Here are my impressions and purchase recommendations.

(Per usual, there are a few caveats to my racquet reviews, based on my own game. I’m a 4.0 player with a fast swing that generates more than enough power and topspin. I hit a slice backhand for tactical purposes, but generally use a two-handed backhand drive. Please gauge this racquet review accordingly to your own game and personal preferences.)

Click Here for the Volkl Organix V1 Mid Plus Racquet Review

Click Here for the Volkl Organix 8 Racquet Review

PostHeaderIcon Racquet Review: The Volkl Organix V1 Mid Plus Offers Great Feel & Versatility In A Low Power Racquet


Volkl Organix V1 Mid Plus

16 x 19 string pattern, 10.1 unstrung – 10.6 strung (55 lb. Volkl Synthetic), 102 in.2


The Basics: The Volkl Organix V1 is an extremely well-balanced racquet that can work for virtually any type of player since it’s equally comfortable in baseline rallies or at the net while putting away volleys. The odd brown color was a little off-putting in an age of brightly-colored racquets, but that shouldn’t put anyone off from giving this one a try.

It’s a lightweight racquet, which means that it’s also a low-power racquet. For someone like me who often swings much faster than necessary, that’s a good thing. Instead of hitting the back fence, the ball has a chance of landing deep at the baseline.

Conversely, if you chop at the ball or attempt subtleties by flicking your wrist to guide the ball, you’re going to be lucky if it makes it to the net. So it needs a good full swing to produce the best shot, and that’s a good thing for most club players to remember anyway.

Forehand: I’ve sometimes found open string pattern racquets harder to control in terms of topspin, but not this one. It’s as solid on a topspin forehand as it is on a flatter shot. Also, the amount of effort needed to generate topspin is minimized because of the low weight. The only downside was a temptation to over-hit because of the low power.

Backhand: It feels good on two-handed backhand shots, but is equally as comfortable on one-handed slice shots. The low power necessitates a full swing and follow-through for maximum depth, especially on the slice. “Chopped” slice shots will get punished by your opponent.


Serve: It’s a good racquet for various serve types. The low power ensures the ability to, more often than not, get the serve in the box without hitting long. In order to get the best pop on your serve, it needs good technique and a full delivery.

Volleys: The low weight allows for easy maneuverability at the net, and the racquet technology provides for a stable feel with good vibration dampening. Volleys will rarely “get away” from you, but solid technique will help for good volley depth.

Overall: The Volkl Organix V1 is a comfortable racquet that can work for virtually any type of player. It’s also one of the most versatile racquets I’ve ever tried. If you’re looking for a lighter stick that still gives you control and an ability to swing freely, I’d head out to your nearest tennis shop for a demo.

(As with most of my equipment testing, demo racquet was graciously provided by City Racquet Shop. Please check them out if you’re in the San Francisco Bay area.)

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