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Archive for December, 2013

PostHeaderIcon Tennis Pics + Auto-Awesome = Pretty Cool

I was looking through my auto-uploaded phone photos online in my Google+ account (it’s a nice backup solution) when I noticed something pretty cool. Google+ will automatically recognize a series of photos and create an animated gif for you. Since I used my phone for pictures at every tournament, I ended up with some pretty decent shots of the pros too. I’ll post them over the next week or so. To start, here’s a series of captures I made when I was working on my serve a few weeks back. It’s just twisted enough in terms of making me look like a jumping bean that I kinda like it. 😉


I promise that the rest of the pics that’s I’ll be posting won’t be quite so quirky/freaky…


PostHeaderIcon Tips for the Off-Season: A 3-Pt Series to Help You and Your Game Prep for the New Year

David Ferrer working his core

I recently posted 3 separate installments featuring tips to help you and your game in the off-season as part of my Ask Marla series . Here are all  three article links in one place for easy bookmark-ing:

Tips for the Off-Season Part 1:  Take Stock/Take Time Off

Tips for the Off-Season Part 2: Off-Season Training

Tips for the Off-Season Part 3: Equipment Changes

Good luck, and hope they help your upcoming season!

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