Welcome to my new site experiment... a page dedicated to musings, ramblings, fascinations, obsessions, bitches, and other stuff. I'm not quite sure what this all means though. Maybe you'll see pictures, maybe you'll hear sounds, maybe just a thought that occurred to me during the day. If you see a pic, click it for a larger version. See a play button, click it for audio or video.
You could even think of this page as a manual tweet of sorts! We'll see where it goes...

13The Double Down: god help me I just had to try it...and paid the consequences. And that was after only eating 1/4 of it with 3 other co-workers. Was sick the rest of the day, and my sweat and everything else coming out smelled like chicken grease. I think there was a lesson to be learned in all of this...
12 I don't know who I feel sorrier for: the black guy who was the only other person in the sauna who did the most remarkable job I have ever seen of trying not to notice me or ever look in my direction so he wouldn't have to acknowledge me, or me (who long ago reached the "I could seriously give a fuck whether or not you ever talk to me because I expect so little from gay black guys here").
Welcome to the messed up world of black on black SF gay male interactions!
(If you have trouble viewing this embedded video from Facebook CLICK HERE for a hosted version on my site with two streaming options)
11 "Untitled" ... for Nancy. And dedicated to Walt, Juliette, Robert, and Luke.
10 I was unfortunately not correct. Add my old college flame Robert Johnson to the list. I guess this is how it goes from here on out, huh?
9 It's amazing what a few health issues can do to one's online time. Apologies all around for no musings, because there has definitely been lots going around in my head. First and foremost, however, the main thought is the acknowledgement of some dear friends who have moved on this year:
Walt Baccala
Luke Cole
Juliette Ferguson
Please let these be the only ones...
8 Man oh man ... Serena completely lost her shit tonight in her semi-final at the US Open. She was probably going to lose the match, and Kim played brilliantly. But to see her completely lose it at the lineswoman, curse her, and then lose the match from the assessed penalty point was really an ugly way to lose. And just when I thought she was beginning to transcend the game as she should.
I certainly hope there was some subtext to at least give us a better sense of understanding...
7 I admit it ... I watched the initial episode of 'The Vampire Diaries' and found it to be almost engaging. Beyond that however, Paul Wesley (who plays Stefan) is an incredible hottie. The other guy who plays Damon (and used to be the cute brother on LOST) is okay. A little too pretty for my tastes. But I digress...
That alone is worth a few weeks viewing. If the storyline stays engaging then I think they will have a hit on their hands. For verification just take a look at 'Supernatural' and you will be be able to see what happens when you have an engaging storyline with two hottie leads ... even if they are portrayed as meatheads occasionally. And speaking of - wasn't too impressed with the season premiere last night. Hope it gets better or my CW viewing stops at 9PM on Thursdays.
Well I still have most of my teeth left! Went to dentist today and found out that the bit of decay at the base of a crowned and root-canaled tooth was worse than he thought, and couldn't be repaired. So it had to be removed -- by first being drilled apart then removed root by root (there were 3). The last one turned out to be the longest and deepest. AND my numbing started to wear out as it was finally separating from the supporting bone/flesh. Yeah, was a lot of fun... Took this picture right after I removed the gauze packing that went in before I left the dentist office. Notice the stitches ... and small flow of blood still. Like I said, "NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH"!
5 What the hell??? In two weeks here is the damage: 2 pairs of Levis 514 Slim Straights, 2 pairs of Levis 505 Original Fit, 1 pair Levis 527 Distressed Boot Cut, 1 pair of Levis 550 Relaxed Fit (returned them), and now 4 pairs of Mek Denim jeans from Nordstrom Rack (will return at least one pair, but no more than two). So there are 9 new pairs of jeans in my possession now. So I ask, what shopaholic spirit recently inhabited my body?
4 Guilty TV Pleasures: Wipeout, Dr. Who, Family Guy, Reno 911, Ghost Whisperer, The Legend of the Seeker, Stargate Atlantis, Washington Week with Gwen Ifill, This Week in Northern California, America's Test Kitchen, Dead Like Me (occasionally), Supernatural, CSI Miami Weekends, People's Court, and ANYTHING THAT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH TENNIS!!!
3 Breakfast consisting of coffee, coffee, or more coffee... flavored with Carnation Creamer (fat free french vanilla) and scones (Sconehenge blueberry).
2 While driving today I was listening and singing to my iPod (as usual). And though I've never been a big MJ fan, one song has always stood out to me... and it played today. Probably to remind me that I'm in re-evaluation mode and need to take it to heart:
No message could have been any clearer
If you want to make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and make that change!

1 US Open thoughts: Taylor Dent is the size of a house... but he showed some serious heart and guts in his match against Navarro today. The final winning service return and the yell he gave were very fitting to what had been a great contest.

Venus looked a little bored out there and the energy was sucking out of Arthur Ashe pretty much the whole time. Azarenka lost, and god am I glad. I hate her owl-sounding grunt/groan. No one needs to make that noise to hit a freakin' tennis ball. Serena looks pretty good, and should make it to the final. Against who? Who knows at this point. And lastly, I still want Rafa pretty bad!

Monfils looks more and more like Flavor Flav with each year, and Jankovic looks like a horse... though I am sorry for her loss (grandmother). A dream final for the women: Clijsters and Serena, though it can't happen because they are in the same half of the draw. Dream final for the men: Rafa and Roddick.