My Family Guy Sound Collection

Okay I admit... I'm a Family Man viewer. And you gotta admit that some of the funniest sound bites have come from that show! Below are some of the stupidest/funniest I have been able to find or edit from the internet. Enjoy.

Here is one of Chris as he chases Meg through the house...

Another Chris and Meg clip... did you notice how Chris is always the one to get THE line in their interactions. This one commenting on his 'dancer legs'...

Peter and the guys were on the hunt for Daggermouth when they ran into a strange guy saying strange references from old Monty Python.

Meg accidentally calls Big Bird with her bird call. I always liked his NYC response.

Sometimes Meg strikes out and gets in a good line herself.

Typical Peter response... this time at a theater while watching Uncle Vanya.

Not sure how I missed this Peter gem regarding his pee.

Lois has a good one from the same episode: Lethal Weapons.

Every character needs a good reaction. Here's one of Chris' standards...

This is how a walrus purrs?!?!

Chinese Japanese Dirty Knees look at these! (Peter)

Stewie tries to teach Eliza Pinchley to speak like a lady... and it ain't workin'.

This is a Stewie classic as he gives Brian crap about his novel at the end of 'Brian the Bachelor'.