PostHeaderIcon I’m (cough cough) not feeling well today so I can’t come in to work…

I’m still trying to understand how you pull out of an event for the reason of being sick and then let yourself be video’d at practice looking none the worse for wear… I think Maria got some ‘splainin’ to do. But then again she is Maria Sharapova. And at some point I guess you get a pass for these things. Serena worked that system pretty well in the days before she really was not feeling well.
Anyway, check out the video below:

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  • Dan says:

    I am no particular fan of Maria’s (or of women’s tennis), but I don’t see any issues with what she did here. There is a difference between feeling well enough to play in a tournament, and then well enough to go practice inside for an hour.

    Also, is it better to just withdraw if you need a break, or go to the tournament and phone it in for your match. Personally, if they are not trying to show up and win, I would just prefer she drop out and let a lucky loser take her spot in the draw.

    The tennis season is a grind for the pros, and they make their $$$ (both prize money and sponsor exposure) in the slams. So enter a smaller tournament, beat some softies, but leave yourself a little spent for Wimbledon?

    All they have to do is claim illness (but not fatigue or just “I don’t feel like playing in that tourney”) and they do not have any repercussions.

    Yes, it sucks for her fans wanting to see her in that tourney. Yes it sucks for that tourney organizer who might have been plugging having her there. But this all goes back to the ATP/WTA tours for not wanting to cut back the schedule. I think you’ve made that argument before, so I’m preaching to the choir.

    And nice job on the blog so far, I enjoy it!

    • admin says:

      Wow. I think I have been given a “Jane you ignorant slut” moment (SNL circa 1976). All great points. It was just so much more fun to post the video without all of those great points. 😉

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