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Before second round action starts, I wanted to toss a couple of quick notes out there to the powers that be in the hope that someone is listening to the viewing public.  It probably won’t help, but I can always hope.

  • A general note on the AO commentary from Andy Roddick hit the nail on the head.  Here’s what Andy had to say in his Twitter feed:
  • A message for ESPN: Please, please, please stop talking so much!  Let us enjoy the tennis without 3-4 commentators chattering, or split-screen with a studio interview.
  • While you’re trying not to talk so much, could you also try not talking over each other?
  • Note to Brad Gilbert:  If you spend 10 minutes telling the viewers how great Madison Keys is as a player and how much potential she has to break into the Top 20, then get the director to cut to the cameras on the court where she’s playing; and show us more of her match than the final handshake at the net!
  • As a DirecTV customer, I was looking forward to the “Mix” feature (multiple channels of matches) for the early rounds of this year’s Australian Open.  It was there for Day One, and missing for Day Two.  Huh???
  • Second note on what appears to be broadcast issues at this year’s AO:  AOTV, which boasts live matches and replays on the free AO website, takes the user to for viewing…which you can only use if you have a participating paid ISP. <shaking my head in disbelief>
  • If I hear “He/She’s done the hard yards” one more time, I’m gonna call a default!
  • I’ll end with this comment from Venus:
    “When you’re a young person, you just don’t think it’s ever going to end and you’re on top of the world,” she said. “I realize one day it will end. … When it’s over, I will be out and hopefully, like I said, I won’t run out of money and have to commentate. But if I do, I will be commentating,” she said with a laugh.

That is all.  Let’s hope for some improvement in the second round.

One Response to “Broadcast Issues, and a Note to ESPN Commentators: Shhhhhh!”

  • Charles says:

    I have to watch tennis with the volume all the way off. this is absurd when the American commentators cannot shut there mouths for a second it becomes to much to bear do they get paid by the word the uk commentators are spectacular letting the viewer get into his or her own worlds and feel the vibe of the match just like being ringside as opposed to the lengthy non stop chatter that goes on and on and on….everyones an expert. .they should of used there expertise to win every match but I guess arm Chair quarter backs win nothing. .talking through a point should be fined and not talking after a point is glorious whomever decided that the American public needs to be informed every second of a tennis match should be exiled from the planet. .its a shame that the American people will never know what it feels like to watch a tennis match on tv and actually have there own thoughts..what a crime to listen to a bunch of cackling hens male and females just out doing each other with there brilliant observations and how dare anyone else know how to play the sport of tennis here’s another 20 minutes of my cackling. .how on earth do tennis players play there matches when time after time they request the crowd to please respect them during a match and time after time the chair will ask the fans to please be a little quieter why doesn’t that pertain to the commentators … you who are in charge of commentators and all involved take a survey fr9m the tennis community annd ask them do they enjoy 3 hours of tennis with 4 hours of cackling or would they prefer 3 hours of tennis with 1 1/2 hours of speaking

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